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Bronx City Wristband

$9 $12

Represent the only major league club to play its football in the Five Boroughs.


Expectations were high for New York City’s newest professional soccer club going into their inaugural season. Having drawn their fellow expansion side on the road in Orlando in the first match of their first campaign, the Pigeon’s already fervent fanbase eyeballed the home opener as their time to shine.  There, a clever match against Boston — err, New England — awaited at Yankee Stadium. NYC got off to a dream start when a trademark David Villa give-and-go strike opened the scoring in the 18th-minute. The Spanish designated player then put the game away by setting up substitute Patrick Mullins six minutes from time.


The match side of the wristband features New York’s light blue color palette adorned with navy and white pinstripes inspired by the famous Bronx Bombers they’ve “temporarily” shacked up with since that first home match. On the reverse is a design that pays homage to New York City’s famous subway maps.

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