My name is Martin and I'm the owner of Away Days. I'm based in Boston, Massachusetts and I wanted to make something that was focused on the beautiful game, but was different.  I started Away Days as its own clothing brand, but now I offer Mystery Kits and other products on top of my own.  

There is much more to the game than watching the biggest clubs play every weekend.  With the Mystery Kits, I wanted to offer something that might entice someone to start following the team they receive or to even just watch one match of a league they may have not followed before.  With the bigger leagues and clubs overshadowing some of the smaller ones, I felt that some people might like this in order to grow their knowledge about the game they love.

Football is a simple game made complicated and I don't like that.  I enjoy the most simple, often overlooked actions in a match.  The true essence of football is found in these things, a strong tackle, a pinged cross field pass.  Too much emphasis is put on goal scoring and flash, that the understated actions in a game go unnoticed.  

An away day is always a different experience, whether it be the people you go with, the people you meet, or where you go.  I have found myself in some unique situations while traveling to see a match and I wanted to create a brand that was versatile enough to meet the needs of any away day.  


Thank you.