Away Days FC Information

Hey everyone, 

Away Days Football Club will launch Thursday night. Away Days FC is a membership club with a $5 or $10 a month membership fee (benefits of the membership can be found below). If you like what Away Days has become so far I feel strongly that this might be of interest to you - especially if you love the game of football. 

This idea probably doesn’t make sense unless you understand who I am and what I’m trying to do through my company. I started Away Days right after I graduated college a few years ago and I have been doing it full time for the last year and a half. Away Days is still a one man operation and I handle every single aspect of the company. Every dollar that the company has brought in has been reinvested to provide you with better product and services. All money raised through Away Days FC will help me introduce new products, get more American clubs involved, advertise in new places, and continue to give you the products you already like. 

I will never introduce a new product or idea that doesn’t provide value as the customer is always the priority. The money taken in through Away Days FC will be split so that a portion goes to the member store to offer you cool things (See below!) and the other portion goes to help Away Days as a business. As the customer base of the club grows, so do the perks and benefits you will find in the store. If you choose to invest in this idea, you get: 

1) Access to the members only section on the website that has exclusive or discounted 

products, football experiences and other cool stuff 

2) Monthly newsletter and new sticker delivered each month 

If you can put even more of your trust into my company, I promise to never stop working for you. The store will not be updated every day, but I will make sure its updated at different times throughout the month to give more people the opportunity to grab a deal. The deals will be limited in terms of how many are stocked at a given time, but as more money comes into the club then more is put into the store!

Examples of What You Might Find in the Members Only Store 

  1. X amount of copies of “Your Favorite Soccer Video Game 2020” for $30 instead of $60 
  2. Trial runs of new Mystery Products 
  3. Discounted regular items 
  4. Football trips and experiences (this one will come later) 
  5. Away Days Football Club kits (this one will come later) 

At the end of the day, I’m using this membership group to grow the company. If you already like Away Days and what I do, the extra money you give me will ultimately be given back to you because I’m reinvesting it all.  This isn’t me asking for money to line my own pockets or buy a fancy car, this is a promise that I will deliver value if you choose to trust me on this.