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La Azteca Wristband

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Celebrate your passion for El Trí by remembering Mexico hoisting their first major intercontinental title at the Azteca.


Long the dominant force in their own region, a major international title had still eluded El Trí by the time they qualified for the first Confederations Cup in 1999. Given that they were also hosting the fourth edition of the tournament, the Mexicans and their passionate supporters alike saw the tournament as a huge opportunity. After topping their group — featuring Asian and African champions and the South American runner-up — and scrapping a 1-0 win over their American rivals in the semifinal, a final against four-time world champions Brazil was their reward. In it, a sold-out crowd of over 110,000 at the legendary Estadio Azteca in Mexico City were treated to a seven-goal thriller. The hosts’ commanding 3-1 halftime lead was well-challenged by two second-half brazil goals, but a Cuauhtémoc Blanco strike with just under a half-hour to play was enough to help Mexico to their first major trophy.


The match side of the wristband features a depiction of an Aztec sun stone which featured prominently on the kits worn by El Trí during and around the 99′ Confederations Cup. Meanwhile, the reverse features a design inspired by the iconic, brightly-colored kits dawned by star goalkeeper Jorge Campos.

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